‘That’s not for me’ I here you say!
It’s for people who run in the pouring rain,
and enter crazy triathlons in Spain!

It’s not for me, I can’t touch my toes
And my thighs rub together wherever I goes!
But, yes yes yes, it is for you and you
We’ve all been there, starting anew

You can do it, this girl can
You don’t have to look like superman!
You don’t have to be mega fit and go to the gym
You don’t even have to be able to swim!

Find something you love and do it a lot,
As long as you move and get sweaty and hot
You don’t have to wear Adidas, Puma or Nike,
And you don’t need to own or buy a new bike

You can run with your kids in the sun in the park
Every time you move you’ll be making your mark
Join a dance class or walk with your  chum
You don’t need to have a Kardashian’s bum!

Move a bit more, shake your arse when you dance
Get your ticker racing whilst you jump and prance!

Endorphins, you’ll love them, what more can I say
The most amazing free high for every workout day!

So get off the sofa, give it a go,
Exercise is for everyone, you can do it Jo!
Run if you love it, walk if you don’t
Regret a workout you certainly won’t!

Pick any sport, but maybe not darts,
I’m not sure the beer is so good for your heart!

I can’t promise you’ll love every part of the slog
But so many benefits you will feel after a jog!

More energy and smiles, it will bring back your spark
It doesn’t matter if you’re the slowest in the park!

So this national fitness day
Please here what I say
Fitness is for everyone (yes even you!)
So, get up off the sofa and start something new!