Four lovely swimmers, puddle hoppers by name,
who everyone thought were a little insane!
Swimming the channel in just their bathers and hats,
no wetsuits allowed for these crazy cats!

Swimming from Dover to Calais in a relay teeam,
it’s every long distance swimmers dream!
There was Becky, Chris, Pete and Kelly,
and hundreds and hundreds of fish made of Jelly!

They trained hard for months on every beach and lake,
betting against these kids would be a big mistake!
Sunrise swims, triathlons, Tenby and Barry,
they practiced hard with any Tom, Dick or Harry!

But the tides were against them, they were waiting for weeks,
and then the monsoons hit and their chances looked bleak!
A break in the storm, and the winds and the rain,
on the 17th of October their opportunity came!

They left the white cliffs behind at five in the morning,
one in the water and the others all yawning!
The water was cold, 13 -16 degrees,
but this didn’t stop them and they swam with ease!

The team sailed over on the Viking Princess,
the waters were rough and their guts a mess!
They looked to the horizon and drank ginger ale
but the sea was so choppy and their cheeks were all pale!

Swimming the Chanel was a challenge enough,
but nobody prepared for feeling this rough!
Dehydrated, tired, nauseous and sick,
but they kept on going and made it look so slick!

22.4 miles later they landed in France,
so elated but to exhausted to dance!
12 hours and 46 mins it took to beat,
an amazing time and the challenge complete!

6 thousand pounds raised, they can polish their halo,
and they even got a mention from Whiley and Mayo!
They arrived back in Dover feeling tired and crappy,
but they’d smashed the Channel so were super happy!

They celebrated in Cardiff with rugby and beer,
a great day out with so much to cheer!
Congratulations guys, you conquered your fear!
Whats next on the list?, I can’t wait to hear!