Partner PT

Partner Personal Training

As well as training individuals, I also offer partner PT. This is suitable for friends or couples who want to share the cost of PT but still get that individual attention and motivation of a one on one session.

The hour long sessions will run twice a week (at a time convenient to you) for 6 weeks and the cost of the course is £240 per person.

Full fitness and flexibility tests will be taken at the beginning and at the end of the course so that you can see how far you have progressed towards reaching your goals.

Partner PT can take place in the PT studio in Maindy, your home, in a garden or a local park and will include mainly strength/resistance and interval training, two of the most effective types of training to increase strength, to kick start your metabolism, increase cardiovascular fitness and increase your fat loss.

The course includes an initial consultation where we will talk about your goals, your nutrition and your fitness.  Full measurements and body composition tests can also be taken at this time which is a great way track your progress.

You will receive a full welcome pack from Calon Lan PT with information about nutrition, your metabolism, mobility and many healthy recipes that you might like to try!


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