Personal Training Testimonials

Kind words from my clients

‘I have always been intimidated by gyms and have given them a wide berth, fitness phases would come and go without any real or long lasting success, and being a single mother of two and working full time finding time to exercise was always an issue…or excuse?!  During a girly weekend away in August 2014 I reached my breaking point… breaking down into floods of tears, I was so fed up of being fed up with myself!  In my teary mess I scrolled through my Facebook timeline and noticed a post from Calon Lan PT which a friend had ‘liked’ about a girl’s successful weight loss… boom! Within seconds I had fired off an e-mail to Sian and excitedly awaited a response.  When Sian popped to my house for a consultation I was immediately at ease with her and talked openly and honestly about my eating and drinking habits and lack of exercise.  I knew that years of excessive drinking and hangover carb cravings had piled the pounds on me.  We talked about the food options, the dos and don’ts, then came the measuring…I was not looking forward to this, but it had to be done, time to face up to reality! Sian measured arms, chest, waist, belly button, hips, thighs and calves…and body fat.  By the time Sian left, I was really looking forward to our first session, it couldn’t come quick enough.  Unlike going to exercise classes or the gym, there was no getting out of it as Sian would arrive at my front door at 6am twice a week…kettlebells, weights and even boxing gloves in hand! It turned out I really enjoyed the sessions (especially the boxing!), they are always varied which keeps them fun and Sian is always willing to send extra workouts during holiday periods or if you want to do extra sessions on your own.  When it was time to do my first re-measure at six weeks the hard work and commitment (because you only get out what you put in) had really paid off, I couldn’t believe the results, an impressive 13cm off my waist alone!  I kept at it and in just 7 months I lost a total of 77cm, two and a half stone in weight as well as dropping from a size 16 to a size 12.  I felt the best I had done in 15 years! My confidence blossomed every time friends, family or colleagues would say “wow you’ve lost weight!” or “you’re looking skinny!”.  With my fitness levels vastly improved, I even took on and smashed the Welsh 3 Peaks Challenge this summer…something I would never have done before.  A year on and I’m still training with Sian once a week to keep me on track.  Thinking back to the day I first e-mailed Sian…it was easily the best thing I’ve ever done. Diolch Sian xx’

Angharad E, Victoria Park

Sophie before – size 14/16

Sophie after – size 10 

‘About a year ago I decided that enough was enough. I was sick of fad diets and ‘quick fix’ solutions to my weight issues. I was not happy in my own skin. Only a few short years ago, before having my children, I was pretty fit and happy with myself, and I was not willing to accept that these days were in the past.

Sian came recommended by a friend and I knew once I had spoken to her for just ten seconds that she was the personal trainer for me. With a combination of strategically planned exercises, small alterations to my diet and an amazing web of emotional support (that she doesn’t even realise she is giving) Sian has brought me back to life.

I have just turned thirty and have two children. I am happy when I look in the mirror now, with or without my clothes on. Sian has become a huge part of my life and one I plan on keeping! I see her once a week. That combined with other exercise that I enjoy such as cycling keep me where I want to be.

I was verging on a size 16 when I met Sian, too big for my frame and very uncomfortable. I’m a size 10 now and as of yesterday the lightest I have been since I was eighteen.

I would say thank you to Sian, but it doesn’t cover it. XXX’

Sophie B, Whitchurch

‘A New Year and the same old resolution – weight loss, but for some reason in 2014 I stuck to it and although it’s taken me over 8 months to lose 3 stone and a total of 32 inches, I feel much happier …and lighter!

One of my best decisions was to get in touch with Sian for some fitness sessions to help move things along, seeing Sian once a week gave me that extra push to keep going, when you join a gym there’s nobody there to encourage you to carry on, Sian would turn up on a Sunday morning with her kettle bells and boxing gloves, there was no getting out of it now!

I’ll never forget my first session, every muscle ached for days afterwards, I was in pain, but good pain, the kind of pain that made me realise I had worked hard (for a change!) and I just kept on thinking ‘no pain…no gain’ and kept on going.

Hints and tips from Sian about little things like interval training was a big help and meant that I could do little sessions mid-week before seeing Sian again. Despite my initial doubts about letting Sian measure me on the first session, I’m so glad that I did because seeing the difference now is such a fab feeling and it’s lovely being able to go shopping for clothes 3 dress sizes smaller that I was at the start of the year!

It’s through a combination of making changes to my nutrition, cutting out the crisps, chips and sausage rolls and Sian’s help that I have managed to get to this point….thanks Sian for all your help and for putting up with my moaning and whinging – target for 2015 is to run some sort of race!’

Anwen L, Llandaf

Rebecca before

Rebecca after

‘I am delighted with the results of the transformation contest!

Sian has really helped me to improve my nutrition and fitness. I always enjoy our Smash the Fat Boot Camp sessions – each session is different and although hard work we always manage to have fun too!

Smash the Fat has really helped to change my life for the better. Thanks to Sian’s encouragement and motivation, I have lots more energy and a new zest for life!

Sian has even inspired me to take up running! I wouldn’t even run for the bus before, now I’m  running 10k!

Diolch yn fawr Sian for all your encouragement and support x

Rebecca has lost an amazing 7 stone in 2014 – here is her amazing story!’

Rebecca W, Birchgrove

‘I contacted Sian with some trepidation, asking for help but feeling my plea was literally too large a task.

I was seriously unfit, very overweight with no self esteem and too conscious to train anywhere other than the comfort of my conservatory!!! Any barriers I had were not an objection for Sian and she gladly was up for the challenge being understanding, knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

The knowledge and support Sian offered was endless. I had tailored sessions that pushed me to my limits but were doable and measurable so I had a sense of achievement.  Endless nutrition advise and support. Stretching and general well being advise and so much more.

Most importantly for me was the belief Sian had in me and so I was then able to re install in myself. I looked forward to every session and really believe Sian did too with her effervescent energy.  Sians’ keen interest and commitment to my health, fitness and journey was and still is a constant.  Sians’ passion and enthusiasm is infectious and hugely motivating.  I lost 19 inches in 8 weeks and even though I did the sweating and the clean eating I credit so much of what I achieved to Sian.

I am still on my journey and always will be with my change of lifestyle and Sian continues to be an inspiring driving force for me and I am eternally grateful.  Thank you xx’

Jenny B, Penarth
Kelly before

Kelly after 

‘At 7 stone overweight, and with a holiday of a lifetime looming, I decided to sign up with a friend for Sian’s first ever Smash The Fat Bootcamp in September 2012. The first month was an introductory month where Sian gave up her time free of charge, 3 times a week, and donated all of the fees to charity…….I already liked this woman and I hadn’t even met her! I can clearly remember feeling sick with nerves for about a week before it started, however as soon as I walked into the room and met Sian, I knew I had come to the right place to start my weight loss journey.I kept up with the bootcamp 3 times a week for the whole month and enjoyed every minute of it, but unfortunately due to having a young family and busy work lives, at that time, I wasn’t able to continue after the initial month. During the month however, Sian was eager to give up even more of her time, to talk to anyone who wanted to learn a bit more about nutrition, and the right foods to eat to compliment our workouts and encourage weight loss and increased fitness, so I took full advantage of that. After leaving bootcamp, I took all of Sian’s nutritional advice, and managed to lose 2 and a half stone in 2 and a half months in readiness for my once in a lifetime holiday.For the next 6 months, I dipped in and out of the healthy eating, and although I didn’t put any weight back on, I wasn’t losing any either. My mum was in a similar pattern, and so we decided to give Smash The Fat a go together! We both started in July 2013, and have never looked back! Despite going 3 times a week, we never get bored, as Sian ensures that every session is varied, and most importantly, lots of fun! For me, the best thing about Smash The Fat which is testimony to Sian, is that people of all different fitness levels, from novices to seasoned fitties,  can train together, as the exercises can be catered and amended to suit you. Sian is a fantastic motivator and is constantly encouraging you to ensure that you push yourself to achieve the goals that you want to.I have tried and enjoyed many types of exercise previously, but working with Sian is the only thing that I have stuck to for such a long period of time, and I actually look forward to our workouts! So much so, that as well as the Smash The Fat sessions, my mum and I decided to work with Sian individually in some personal training sessions, and we love it! My increased fitness, much improved diet and weight loss has encouraged me to start running, and with massive support from Sian, I have just completed my 2nd half marathon, with another 2 in the pipeline for the next year. I now actually enjoy clothes shopping (much to the annoyance of my husband’s wallet!) as I have dropped 4 dress sizes, and I feel like a completely different person, and I couldn’t have done any of that without Sian’s unwavering support. Thank you Sian!’

Kelly S, Radyr


‘I piled on the pounds after having a baby 6 months ago, and really needed a kick up the backside to help get me back on track to lose the weight and regain my fitness.

Sian was just what I needed! I really enjoyed the varied nature of the sessions. I learned so much about nutrition and Sian was always at the end of the phone/computer if I had any food related questions.

Having completed my 12 sessions, I am really sad to say goodbye to Sian but feel armed with the tools I need to keep losing weight and getting fitter.’

Gemma G, Grangetown

‘Siân helped me gain back my fitness after having my first baby. She knew the best and safest exercises to help a new mother get fit, and I could feel myself get stronger every week. She’s always reliable, punctual and always prepares a fun exercise session that pushes you that little bit further every time. Hopefully she’ll get me fit again after my next baby!’

Gwenllian T, Canton

Dee on her 60th!

’31st December 2013 –  I was nearing my 60th birthday, totally unfit and realised I needed to take action so that I could become healthier and look better in my clothes!!  I found Sian Thomas from Calon Lan PT on line and started working out with her mid-January 2014.

Sian is a brilliant trainer who encourages, motivates and praises her clients. She ensures client safety by demonstrating, then checking they understand each technique before they try. In addition, she gives sound advice about nutrition/diet.

June 2014 – five months after starting with Sian, I celebrated my 60th birthday and everyone who knows me tells me how fantastic I look. My GP is also pleased with the change in my lifestyle!!! I have dropped two dress sizes and am fitter than I have ever been in my life!! I had never really exercised before and felt intimidated by gyms.  I now have the confidence to go to the gym and workout on my own – all thanks to Sian. I am someone who hated PE at school but now actually enjoy exercising. I recommend you give Sian a try – you won’t be disappointed!!’

Deloris J, St Mellons

‘I came to Sian with a desperate plea. I was due to get married in two months and my wedding dress was still a squeeze to get on! I had a baby 12 months ago and hadn’t really done anything about the baby weight and the excess pregnancy eating. Sian was fantastic. She helped me with my nutrition and drew up an amazing workout plan. Her sessions are fun and we are always having a natter. She devised sessions of different circuits which were within my fitness levels, however she pushed me every session to go that little bit further. Not only was I losing weight and toning up fast, I was feeling brilliant! I felt healthier and full of energy.

Fast forward to the wedding, not only did I fit in my wedding dress, I rocked it!! Thank you so much Sian. Can’t wait to start back with you again!’ 

Nena L, Penylan


‘I saw Sian twice a week for about three months and it made a huge difference not only to my overall shape (thinner and far more toned!) but also to my general wellbeing. I wanted to slim down and look my best for our wedding and Sian helped me achieve that. I’m not the most motivated person but Sian kept me going, advised me on diet and health as well as exercise. Everyone who came to the wedding commented on how wonderful I was looking and I really felt wonderful too! I’ve had a bit of a break since then but I’m keen to get going again to keep trim ready for Christmas!’

Vicki S, Pontcanna

‘Thank you Sian. There is now way I would’ve been able to do it without you. You knew exactly where to pitch the exercises and got me stronger, fitter and slimmer in only a few session. Your encouragement and motivation are great!’

Elmarie K, Culverhouse Cross


‘October the 6th 2013 I achieved the impossible, twice!

1. I had completed for the first time in my life a New Years resolution.

2. I had RAN the whole of Cardiff half marathon in two and a half hours (ish)!!!

Not bad for someone who couldn’t run around the block in her first PT session on January the 2nd of the same year.

Massive thank you Sian for all your help and encouragement and helping me get the running bug.

If she can get me to do it she can get anybody to do it, seriously!’

Cari O, Penarth

‘Sian is an inspirational personal trainer, her patience skill and understanding have helped my cousin and I loose weight and improve our fitness far beyond our expectations. We first went to Sian six months ago to help us get into shape for a family wedding and several months after the wedding we still continue to attend regular sessions with Sian. The main reason we keep going back to Sian is her infectious enthusiasm for attaining a sustainable healthy lifestyle, provided within a supportive environment. Furthermore Sian’s flexible approach means that we are able to attend sessions when convenient which are invaluable if you have lots of other commitments!’

Harri W, Heath



‘I first contacted Sian as I wanted to try and lose a little bit of weight before being a brides made. I’m not somebody that enjoys exercise and I was a little bit concerned that I wouldn’t be able to do the exercises but Sian was excellent. We were working with Sian twice a week for six weeks. Although waking up at 6am was hard Sian made the session’s fun and we never did the same workouts twice. Her advice about healthy eating has transformed my eating habits and has made me rethink some of the choices I was making. I lost weight and I felt a lot more confident and healthy.

I have continued to train with Sian. The main reason is because she is patient, enthusiastic (even at 6am!) and she inspires me to do a little bit better each time. She is friendly, flexible and happy to listen to any concerns we may have.

Thanks a lot Sian!’

Sara B, Heath

‘What can I say – Sian is a miracle worker! I had a baby about a year ago and so I was carrying a lot of excess weight and eating too many cakes. I’d been going to the gym for a few months but I was really struggling to shed the weight. I saw Sian twice a week for six weeks and straight away I noticed a difference. As the weeks went by my jeans were getting baggy and I had to get extra holes made in my belt. I finally reached my goal of getting back in to my pre-pregnancy jeans and I can’t thank Sian enough for that. Her exercise sessions are hard work but always fun and varied. Her nutrition advice is spot on and when she tells you to stop calorie counting and ditch the weighing scales you really should listen. I can’t recommend her highly enough!’

Mair S, Cardiff

‘I have been training with Sian ’Calon Lan’ for almost sixth months now and she is absolutely fabulous!

Not only do I have much more energy and look and feel better I find myself actually enjoying the early morning  training sessions!

She makes each session varied, combining interval training, core work and resistance work and it’s great to train outside in the fresh air.

She is able to be flexible with her time,  which works well for me with my job and ensures that I train at least once a week.

Sian has been able to adapt my training according to my increased fitness – keeping it a constant challenge!  I would definitely recommend her to anybody looking to get fit, lose weight or improve any aspect of training, regardless of their level of fitness. I have benefited greatly from my training with Sian she is a great motivator and is worth every penny.’

Mari W, Cardiff

‘After celebrating a big birthday I thought it was time for me to get fit and lose some weight! I have never been a person that enjoys exercise and going to the gym doesn’t appeal to me at all!

I read about Sian in the Western Mail and I contacted her for a chat. I felt comfortable in her company immediately and I have since purchased two PT packages from her. Sian comes to the house once/twice a week. The workouts that she puts together are interesting and diverse and the boxing is my favourite workout.

I suspected that I had never eaten healthily after following the information I have found in the media over the years. The advice that I have been given from Sian about food and healthy eating  has transformed my way of thinking about what I eat.

I’m delighted with the results that I have achieved so far and I enjoy my sessions with Sian.

Thanks Sian for inspiring me – you’re a star!’

Nia B, Cowbridge

‘My approach to keeping fit and exercise is a balancing act between intention and motivation. The intention is always there, but locked in battle with my motivation. I used to come back from work and half heartedly put my gym kit on, but I didn’t always make it out of the front door.

Now, I put on my gym kit, there’s a knock on the door, the trainer and equipment come to me. I won’t lie, Sian makes me work hard but I can feel and see the benefits. I’m fitter, a few centimeters slimmer and feel healthier and more energised.

Sian is really positive and encouraging. Because she took the time to get to know me, my level of fitness and what I wanted to achieve, she put together a tailored programme for me. She worked with me and understood how  to push me to achieve my goals which were weight loss, toning, getting fitter and generally feeling better about myself. She gives me great tips on health and nutrition too. Unlike going to the gym, I look forward to doorbell ringing because I know how good I’ll feel after the workout.’

Manon J, Dinas Powys

‘After paying for membership to several gyms without success over the years I was delighted when Menter Caerdydd organised an over 55s fitness class on Wednesday mornings.

Everybody was a little bit apprehensive to begin with but after one session with Sian we were all full of enthusiasm and we were looking forward to the next session.

After speaking to Sian at the end of one session about one on one personal training I decided to go for it and sign up for 12 sessions.

Sian comes to the house twice a week. The exercises that she puts together for me are interesting and diverse. She tailors the sessions to the individuals needs and the hour flies by in her company. Although it’s hard work I am happy to push myself to complete the workouts and I feel fitter and fitter as time goes by. I feel that I have more energy now and as a consequence of my increased level of fitness I enjoyed a skiing trip over New Year without feeling like my arms and legs were tiring after an hour on the slopes. I have since continued training with Sian.

I suspected that I had never eaten healthily after following the information I have found in the media over the years. The advice that I have been given from Sian about food and healthy eating has transformed my way of thinking about what I eat.

Although the aim of the sessions was to increase my fitness levels, seeing my body shape changing and my clothes fitting a lot better has been an extra incentive for me to keep going.

I am delighted with the results that I have achieved so far and I really enjoy my sessions with Sian.

Thank you for your inspiration and support!’

Carol W, Pentrych

‘I have been receiving training from Sian for some months now and have been pleased at the progress made in developing my fitness levels. The range of exercises taken under Sian’s supervision are varied and achievable. Crucially, Sian has the ability to know how far to push – my confidence increases as I manage to achieve more each time. I thoroughly recommend Sian’s approach to training – the support and guidance received are always sensible and constructive.’

Rhian T, Pontcanna

‘I have been undertaking partner training with Sian. Not only is this more cost-effective; training with someone else also encourages you to work harder. By having two training simultaneously, it is possible to do tandem circuits which vary the exercises – although this can increase the competitiveness! Working with Sian has been very beneficial for me.’

Michael S, Pontcanna

‘Cysylltais gyda Siân yn gyntaf er mwyn ceisio colli ychydig o bwysau cyn bod yn forwyn priodas. Nid wyf yn un am ymarfer corff ac roeddwn yn poeni ychydig ni fyddai’n gallu gwneud yr ymarferion ond roedd Siân yn wych. Roeddwn yn gweithio gyda Siân dwywaith yr wythnos am  chwe wythnos. Er oedd codi am 6 yn y bore yn anodd roedd Siân yn gwneud y sesiynau yn hwyl a doeddwn ni byth yn gwneud yr un peth dwywaith. Mae ei chyngor am fwyta’n iach wedi trawsnewid fy ffordd o fwyta ac wedi gwneud imi ail feddwl y dewisiadau oeddwn yn gwneud.  Collais bwysau ac roeddwn yn teimlo llawer mwy hyderus ac yn fwy iach.

Rydw i wedi parhau i weithio allan gyda Siân. Y prif resymau am hyn yw ei bod hi’n amyneddgar, yn frwdfrydig (hyd yn oed am 6 y bore!) ac yn fy ysbrydoli i wneud ychydig bach yn well pob tro. Mae’n gyfeillgar, yn hyblyg ac yn barod i wrando ar unrhyw bryderon.

Diolch o galon Siân!!’

Sara B, Mynydd Bychan

‘Yn dilyn dathliad pen-blwydd arbennig, teimlais bod yr amser ‘di dod i fi geisio fod yn fwy heini a cholli pwysau!  Dydw i erioed ‘di bod yn berson sy’n mwynhau ymarfer corff a nid yw’r syniad o fynd i’r gym yn apelio ataf o gwbl!

Darllenais am Siân yn y Western Mail a chysylltais â hi am sgwrs.  O’r funud cyntaf teimlais yn gartrefol yn ei chwmni.  Rwyf eisioes wedi prynu dau ‘package’ wrthi.  Mae Siân yn dod i’r ty unwaith/ddwywaith yr wythnos.  Mae’r ymarferion mae hi wedi eu cynllunio ar fy ran yn ddiddorol ac yn amrywio’n wythnosol- y bocsio yw fy hoff weithgaredd!

Tybiais mod i erioed wedi bwyta’n iach, gan ddilyn y cyngor a glywais yn y cyfryngau dros y blynyddoedd.   Mae’r cyngor ges i gan Siân am fwyd ac am fwyta’n iach wedi trawsnewid fy ffordd o feddwl am yr hyn rwy’n ei fwyta!

Rwy’ wrth fy modd gyda’r canlyniadau hyd yn hyn ac yn mwynhau fy sesiynau gyda Siân.

Diolch Siân am fy ysbrydoli- ti’n seren!’

Nia B, Bontfaen

‘Ar ôl talu aelodaeth i nifer o gampfeydd dros y blynyddoedd, heb lwyddiant, roeddwn wrth fy modd pan drefnodd Menter Caerdydd ddosbarth Cadw’n Heini 55+ ar fore Mercher, yn ystod Tymor yr Hydref 2012.

Roedd pawb ychydig yn betrusgar i ddechrau, ond ar ôl un sesiwn gyda Siân, Calon Lan, roedd pawb yn llawn brwdfrydedd ac yn edrych ymlaen at y sesiwn nesaf.

Ar ôl sgwrs gyda Siân ar ddiwedd un sesiwn, a sylweddoli ei bod yn cynnig sesiynau unigol fel Hyfforddwr Personol, penderfynais fynd amdani, a threfnu 12 sesiwn.

Mae Siân yn dod i’r tŷ ddwywaith yr wythnos. Mae’r ymarferion mae hi wedi eu cynllunio ar fy rhan yn ddiddorol ac yn amrywiol. Mae hi’n teilwra’r gweithgareddau yn ôl anghenion yr unigolyn, ac mae awr yn hedfan yn ei chwmni! Mae’n waith caled cofiwch! Ond dwi’n hapus i wthio fyhunani wneud yr ymarferion, sydd yn dod yn haws fel mae’r amser yn mynd yn ei flaen. Rwy’n teimlo’n fwy egnïol, ac o ganlyniad i fy lefel uwch o ffitrwydd, roeddwn wedi mwynhau gwyliau sgiio dros y Flwyddyn Newydd heb deimlo bod y breichiau a’r coesau’n blino ar ôl awr ar y llethrau!

Rwyf bellach wedi trefnu’r ail becyn o 12 sesiwn

Tybiais fy mod i erioed wedi bwyta’n iach, gan ddilyn y cyngor a glywais yn y cyfryngau dros y blynyddoedd. Mae’r cyngor ges i gan Siân am fwyd ac am fwyta’n iach wedi trawsnewid fy ffordd o feddwl am yr hyn rwy’n ei fwyta! Er taw codi lefel ffitrwydd oedd fy mwriad gwreiddiol, mae gweld fy nghorff yn newid siâp, a’r dillad yn ffitio’n well yn ddigon o ysgogiad i barhau â’r sesiynau.

Rwy’ wrth fy modd gyda’r canlyniadau hyd yn hyn ac yn mwynhau fy sesiynau gyda Siân.

Diolch i ti am dy ysbrydoliaeth a dy gefnogaeth.’

Carol W, Pentyrch

‘Dw’i wedi bod yn derbyn hyfforddiant wrth Sian ers rhai misoedd bellach a dw’i wedi plesio wrth weld cynnydd yn fy lefelau ffitrwydd. Mae’r ystod o ymarferion dwi’n gwneud gyda Sian yn eang ac o fewn cyrraedd. Mae gan Sian y gallu i wybod faint i bwyso – dwi’n magu hyder wrth i fi gyflawni mwy bob sesiwn. Dwi’n argymell hyfforddiant Sian yn fawr – mae’r cefnogaeth a’r cyngor dwi’n derbyn wrthi bob amser yn synhwyrol ac yn adeiladol.’

Rhian T, Pontcanna

‘Dw’i wedi bod yn gwneud hyfforddiant ‘partner’ gyda Sian. Nid yn unig bod hyn wedi bod yn rhatach, mae gweithio mas gyda rhywun arall hefyd yn hwb i weithio’n galetach. Wrth gael dau yn hyfforddi, mae modd gwneud circuits tandem sy’n amrywio’r ymarferion – er gall hyn arwain at fod yn gystadleuol! Mae gweithio gyda Sian wedi bod o fudd mawr i mi.’

Michael S, Pontcanna

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