Sports Massage Testimonials

‘An excellent massage. Sian was very aware that I was a little nervous about the treatment on my calves as they were very tight and I was concerned about it being painful. Sian did a thorough assessment on my range of movement and posture to assess what treatment was best. Throughout the treatment, Sian continually checked if I was ok and if the level of pressure being applied was ok, whilst still ensuring that the treatment was beneficial to me. Sian finished the session with some stretches that I can use after training. My calves felt so much looser, thanks so much Sian, it was very beneficial, I’m feeling much better already.’

Kelly S – Strength training, running and soon to be triathlete

‘Absolutely loved it! I really needed it after a tough CrossFit session! Sian was very professional, she was very easy to talk to and explained what she was doing and why.  My quads feel a million times better and much looser. I can’t wait for the next one, thank you!’

Alecs D – Yoga instructor, rugby player and Crossfiter

‘The experience was fantastic. Sian kept communicating throughout, checking that the pressure was ok and explaining what she was doing and how it would be of benefit to me. Sian focused on my back and shoulders, particularly my traps which were so tight. I could feel a real difference straight away with all my muscles feeling much softer and looser. Brilliant, thank you!’

Nerys W – Personal Trainer and CrossFit Coach

‘Thanks Sian for an excellent post 10K run massage. Sian explained fully what she would be working on and which techniques she would use to help my muscles recover post event. Sian made sure I was comfortable throughout and also explained which stretches would be best to help my recovery. My muscles felt so much looser after the massage, it really helped, thanks Sian.’

Victoria W – Boot Camp client and runner

‘A very relaxing massage – Sian targeted my back and neck area which are very tight and sore after carrying my one year old and my other little children. I found the massage to be very beneficial – I felt much looser and the stretching at the end was a great way to end the massage, I could feel a difference straight away.’

Rhian T – Boot Camper and mother of 4!

‘My upper body feels much less tense and more relaxed following the massage. The compressions to my upper traps has really helped loosen my neck and shoulders which is where I hold a lot of tension. Diolch yn fawr, I feel so much better.’

Gwenllian G – Boot Camper, PT client and busy Mam

‘Excellent massage on my hamstrings, muscles felt much looser and Sian was very professional throughout. I was also shown some stretches which I can do in my own time. Fab massage, thanks Sian’

Nathan S – strength training in the gym and spin classes

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