I first met Kelly when she came to my first ever charity boot camp way back in September 2012. She was really keen to make changes to her diet and to start exercising after having put on weight after the birth of her second child Jak.

Kelly before she started her lifestyle change

Kelly couldn’t commit to boot camp straight away due to family and work commitments so she restarted on the programme about a year and a half ago and has been coming three times a week ever since!  When she started Kelly struggled to hold the plank for more than 15 seconds and couldn’t do more than a couple of burpees at a time. Since then Kelly’s fitness, strength and speed has improved massively. She has always worked so hard during the sessions, is now a burpee queen (chest to floor) and is always smashing her PBs and fitness tests!

Kelly’s weight loss story and lifestyle change has been truly inspirational and she’s lost 5 ½ stone to date– plummeting from a size 22 to a 14/16. She has in fact lost a total of 62 inches from her chest, waist and hips since starting – amazing! The weight was not only lost through upping her exercise regime, but by working closely with me she’s made massive changes to her nutrition which has changed her diet and attitude to food for good! Bread used to be a huge part of her diet but she has now cut that out together with pasta and all other starchy carbs. She has also cut out sugar and has stopped snacking on chocolate, cakes and crisps like she had done previously.

Kelly looking amazing before a night out last December!

As well as being a committed member of the boot-camp (she hardly misses a session) she’s also started running with a group of girl friends in her local area. Kelly sometimes (when she’s feeling extra committed) runs to boot camp from her home in Radyr (that’s over 4 miles – amazing!!) This passion for running hasn’t stopped here – last September she ran the Cardiff 10k and went onto run the Cardiff Half-Marathon in October in an incredible 2 hours and 32 minutes!

The half marathon finish line! #Smashed

The girls with their half marathon medals!

As well as running Kelly is keen to take on other fitness challenges and joined me and some of the other boot camp girls to take part in the Revolution Run 10K Obstacle Course in Cowbridge last November. It was a really fun, muddy and challenging day and we all had a fantastic time!

Boot Campers at the Revolution Run finish line!

Kelly’s lifestyle change has been amazing, she’s worked so hard to get where she is today and I know there is no stopping her now, and definitely no going back!

Her story has been so inspiring, especially to her friends and family, many of whom have been joining her at boot camp, they are now making their own changes to their health and nutrition and are also getting hooked on the fitness bug!

With this long list of obstacles completed, Kelly is more than ready to face her next challenge, which is the Llanelli Half-Marathon on Sunday the 8th of March. I’m sure you will all join me in wishing her the very best of luck! #Smash it Kelly!