No carbs before Marbs! 

Awake before dawn to see the first light,
All the more hours you have to be winning at life!

3 miles before breakfast in the howling rain, a bracing run, you can push through the pain!

Eggs and porridge to start the day, ain’t no toast and Nutella when you live this way!

An hour of contemplation before the chaos of work
Meditation and yoga, keeps you from going berserk!

Cycle to the office, make sure you train for that Tri!
Sitting in traffic makes me want to cry!

Green juices and smoothies and Tupperware galore
Your desk looks like it belongs to some crazy fitness bore!

Lunch is tuna, quinoa and sprouts
Your colleagues basically now wanting you OUT!

Foam rolling at break time, keep that fascia warm
Keep mobile, and bendy and wonderfully brawn!

Squat on a Monday, five sets of five
Wednesday you deadlift those traps come alive!

Interval training gets your heart up and racing!
It will massively help with your running and pacing!

5 a day or is it ten?
Eat your greens as and when!
Protein shakes and Paleo bars
Damn, I’d probably prefer a Mars!

8 hours sleep to repair and unwind
Make sure you get this or you’ll be falling behind?!

Polish your halo at the end of the day!
You’ve achieved so much I hear them say!

Will this last? you scream and shout!
‘Hopefully not’ say your friends when they’re out!
She talks about broccoli and something called ‘gainz’?
We think someone may have washed her brain!

Bring back the fags and the booze and the carbs
We’ve been already and we’re back from Marbs!