Its Sunday night and you’ve got the blues,
the weekends ending and that’s not good news!
You’ve spent the day on the sofa, mainly in pain
last night’s antics were slightly insane!

It started at 12 with a bottomless brunch,
you’ve been drinking heavily since yesterday’s lunch!
Sophisticated at first, all dressed up and catching up with your chums,
now 24 hours later you’ve promised to bleach your friends’ bums!

You blame Rachel, it’s her fault, she suggested the gin,
and now your breakfast has been thrown up in the bin!
Somehow you ended up on the podium in Revs,
and then drinking whiskey and dancing at Bevs!
You got home at five, or there abouts?
Why oh why did we go ‘out out’??!!

You’d been doing so well with your fitness and diet
Cooking everything from scratch doesn’t sound like a riot!
But you felt amazing, eating so many greens and veg,
running up and down hills with your trainer Reg!

A day of wallowing on the sofa, eating everything in sight
you deep fried a mars bar and served it with angel delight
It’s Monday tomorrow, I haven’t planned my food for the week,
all I have in the fridge is rotting apples and leek!

But it’s not too late, it’s just two days of your life,
back on it tomorrow, it’s no trouble or strife!
Get to bed early, catch up on your ZZZZZZs,
and tomorrow in work stay away from the cheese!

You’ve done it before, so you can do it again,
make sure you go the Gym with your colleague Jen!
It might be hard after yesterday’s Mikey Rayer
you need to sweat it out after that all dayer!!!