His name is John, big Johnny Byers,
he owns that gym next to the man selling tyres!
A personal trainer, he likes to stay in shape,
the smell of eggs for breakfast you can’t escape!
Lifting weights, burpees and running with Izzy,
training client and REPS he’s always so busy!

He came from Cornwall in 1996,
and moved to Cardiff to get his uni fix!
Rugby, parties, girls, training and beer,
despite all that he met his wife Emma here!

White collar boxing was top of the list,
before he turned 40 he did insist!
I know it’s a shock, he looks so much older,
without any hair, his head like a boulder!

Boxings a passion, he’s met David Haye,
too young to see Ali he does dismay!
He’s seen Hatton, Tyson and Calzaghe fight,
the size of Hatton was such a sight!
Tyson Fury, the clues in the name,
lost the plot for a while, it’s such a shame!

Elite Fitness took him under their wing,
and taught him how to hook, jab and swing!
Eight weeks of training, three days a week,
bruises all over, his chance looking bleak!

The 9th of November, the time to fight was here,
The Albino Warriors fate was excitingly near!
His opponent Lee, a plasterer by trade,
at 9k heavier had his advantage made!

They made their entrance at the Vale Hotel,
and waited anxiously for the starting bell!
John wore red for his country, his Dad’s from Wales,
his friends were there and Emma bitting her nails!

The Nose Plasterer and his big hairy shoulder,
in the first round appeared so much bolder!
But John returned with vigour in the second round,
the crowd shouting Byers and his confidence found!
By the third his strength and fitness immense,
but who would win?, we were kept in suspense!

The Plasterer took it, he won on points,
but for sure the next day he had aching joints!
That Byers boy smashed it, I wouldn’t mess with him,
I think I’ll stick with learning to swim!